How Business Phone Systems Help?

Whether you are running a small business or a large multinational company, an efficient and cost-effective phone system is mandatory. Successful companies understand the value and importance of communication, both internally and externally. Choosing a superior phone system ensures quality communication with your customers, between different departments, worldwide branches and even with employees using individual extension numbers.


The Business Phone System is the central hub for reaching longer distances and enabling employees to stay connected and work efficiently towards achieving your organizational goals.

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The Benefits of VOIP:

The technically advanced VOIP business phone system eliminates your company’s unnecessary calling expenses by using your existing internet connection. In addition to its cost effectiveness and innovative advancements, VOIP provides a complete phone system package and a stable communication hub for both internal and external business. Many high profile companies today are reducing costs and increasing profits by incorporating the sustainable VOIP system.

Money Saving: VOIP is multi-featured and economical. It provides a chance to save a considerable amount of money when it comes to its overall expense to the organization. In addition, VOIP service is not a regulated utility, which means users save significant amounts of money by eliminating excess taxes and surcharges associated with a conventional phone line.

Best Calling Capabilities: This VOIP business system includes all the exceptional calling features such as, ‘Call-Forwarding’ and ‘Conference Call’. In addition, it provides an individual ‘Caller ID’ to the customer.

Ease of Access: VOIP also provides valuable device portability, enabling the dial-tone through any working broadband internet connection. This product is accessible for users via e-mails and even while you are in the middle of travel, by using the headset or its IP-based phone.

No Communication Gap: VOIP allows you to connect with your customers or employees via video conference calls 24/7, keeping you up to date on important deals, internal communication, documents and activities.

Easy Activation: Activation is quick and easy! The VOIP phone system provides a valid phone number with any area code to make an unlimited amount of domestic and international calls (working VOIP phone device is required).

Portability: The comfort level in using any advanced technology product is essential. VOIP provides convenience and a user-friendly interface. Portability is another major benefit from switching to a VOIP-based phone system, as people can quickly make calls through any broadband internet connection. This business phone system is not location oriented, allowing people to interact with clients and vendors regardless of their location in the world.

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Different Kinds of Business Phone Systems:

Since a business phone system is mandatory for running a successful and connected company, the market is now offering various kinds of business phone systems to eliminate the communication gap between employees and enable them to work as a team. Business phones today have been integrated with many extra features to cater to the specific needs of different organizations around the world.

The most common phone systems used by organizations, businesses and other entities are :

  1. VOIP Systems
  2. PBX Systems
  3. Internet or Hosted Systems
  4. Mobile PBX Systems / Key-Systems
  5. KSU-LESS Systems

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VOIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol:

‘VOIP’ or ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ is the latest technological advancement, allowing users to make unlimited calls over the Internet.

Diagram of VoIP Phone System

The process of converting sound into digital signals to communicate with people over the internet has been perfected in this product. It turns any broadband connection into a central communication hub to connect people around the world.

The VOIP business phone system has become the most sought after product for various organizations, ensuring a well-balanced sound quality and remarkable stability for calling anywhere in the world.

Because of the popularity of this product, the price range is $100 - $250 per user. Initial setup also requires a VOIP router (starting as low as $100) to provide the full range of value added features and services to the customer.

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The PBX Systems – (Private Branch Exchange):

The PBX or ‘Private Branch Exchange’ system serves as a private communication hub within businesses and organizations. It has the potential to route calls automatically, making it somewhat similar to the public phone exchange system. The most innovative feature behind a PBX-based phone is the ability to make calls directly from the computer system, without manually dialing.

For large-scale companies, the PBX is an ultimate package used especially for managing and dialling calls on a frequent basis. However, these systems offer a significantly steeper price tag when compared to other business phones in the market.

In addition, the organizations that feature these business phone systems need to calculate the cost of installation, number of lines and other expenses to conclude the total amount of investment before deciding on a PBX system for the company. In fact, the price for just the central hub ranges from $1000 to $10,000, not including the additional costs for wiring, installation and peripherals. The average cost for installing a single line of a PBX-based phone system is around $1,000.

Internal or Hosted Systems:

In a hosted system, the technology is controlled and maintained remotely by the supplier, while providing you access to a robust business phone system with numerous features. This product offers cost effectiveness and eliminates the inconvenience of hosting or housing the business phone system. There are various companies in the market offering ‘Hosted Systems’ and services.

After deciding between a PBX and VOIP business phone systems and devices, businesses decide to either install their own internal phone system or choose a hosted system.

Mobile PBX or Cell Systems:

The mobile PBX system is one of the most advanced and secure ways for an organization to use an existing PBX system. It enables a cell phone to act as a separate extension, providing a wide array of functionality to the users. It does more than simply forward calls to the device; it also increases flexibility in all areas of communication.

Key Systems:

For manual navigation of calls, companies may opt to purchase a ‘Key System’ as an in-house phone system. This product is integrated with a switchboard, which provides an ample amount of options for managing your calls throughout the day.

This device is highly recommended for companies with 10-50 employees and it includes some useful features. Key systems are available on the market today ranging from $350-$1000 for each individual user.

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KSU-Less Systems:

The KSU-Less System is a unique way to manage your overall communication, as it does not require a base or hub to manage calls. The system software is contained within the phone set which becomes the hub to route communication.

KSU-based phone systems are useful to organizations consisting of 10 or fewer employees.
Unfortunately, there are currently no installation companies available for the KSU-Less systems and therefore no support for implementing and configuring the system. The cost for this product ranges from $100-$250, not including the expense of wiring the configuration.

VoIP Phone System

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Some Valuable Features of a Business Phone System:

Your business phone system is a remarkable tool to manage communication for any organization. It provides a wide array of valuable features with each playing a vital part in the growth and stability of your business.

The most popular features that a business phone system provides are:

  1. Automatic Attendant: Helps processing the calls throughout the day with no manual guidelines that need to be given to the phone system.
  2. Automatic Ring-Back: To redial the busy number, and call when it becomes available.
  3. Call Logs: Maintaining past records of the calls for better future results.
  4. Call Blocking: Blocks all the unwanted or scam calls entering the phonel ine.
  5. Call Forwarding: Re-directing calls to a different workstation or phone line.
  6. Call Holding: Halting the call for a minute or two, without losing the connection stability.
  7. Call Pick-Up: Enhances the flexibility of answering calls from any phone line; making users eligible to switch calls from one station to another.
  8. Call-Transferring: Transferring calls to another employee or department without the redialing process.
  9. Call-Waiting: Puts the user on the waiting list; connects when line is made available.
  10. Caller-ID: Shows the number of the caller before the receiver answers it.
  11. Conference Call: Inviting two or more people onto the same call; usually required in organizations to discuss something critical in nature.
  12. Desktop Integration: Provides full customer information on the desktop screen, to remain on the same page.
  13. The Line Hunting: Connects to a different line automatically, if the dialed line is not available.
  14. Music on Hold: Automatically prompts with a melody, once the caller is put on hold.
  15. Speed Dialing: Dialing multiple numbers with contacts being obtained from the database.
  16. Voice-Mail: The caller is liable to leave messages, if the call is unanswered.
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