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Most businesses now incorporate a ‘Digital Phone System’ with varying degrees of technological sophistication. VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is increasingly popular as it provides an effective platform to configure telephone systems to each organization’s needs, while saving a considerable amount of money compared to corporations using analogue-based telephone systems.

SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) has also made a noticeable rise in the Digital Phone Systems market. SIP enables people to make audio and video calls over the internet, through network driven IP addresses. SIP performs equally well for individual and group audio/video calling. Even file transfers and instant-messaging are exclusively available over SIP service, with a user-friendly interface to operate the system.

No matter which product you purchase for your business, there is room for growth and advancement through the latest updates released by the providers. There are various aspects to be considered when deciding on the best Digital Phone System for your organization.

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Tips for Choosing the Best Digital Phone System:

  1. Hard disk based servers are not desirable anymore. Choose another digital phone system, which works perfectly well without the hard disk server.
  2. Users agree that converting voice-mail messages is essential in their Digital Phone System, yet not all systems are integrated with this option.
  3. The Digital Phone System must not create user compatibility issues, especially when it comes to your mail server and exchange extension.
  4. When a mail server stops working, companies must ask the providers for a compatible alternative system.
  5. Your Digital Phone System must provide reprogrammable headphones. Employees will join and leave the workplace. There should be ample room for system expansion and programming for employees who may require different settings for their phones.
  6. Before purchasing, be certain that the system is compatible with your back-end server. The system should work with both SIP and PRI configurations.
  7. Depending on your organization, you may want the flexibility to change the system’s firewall settings. Be certain this potential exists in the system plan.
  8. It is possible that an advanced digital phone system will require its own cabling and configuration to work properly. Remember to include these in your cost analysis.
  9. Not all software packages provide a ‘Call-Recording’ feature. This option helps with training and maintaining a robust database. It is important to check with your provider about this and all desired features and options.
  10. There are two choices for internet connectivity. Either you will be using your existing broadband connection or the vendor will be providing internet connectivity.
  11. It is essential that your Digital Phone System is integrated with a roaming option; ensuring that calls will be re-directed to your alternate phone numbers before the caller is transferred to voice-mail.

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Purchasing Hand-Sets For Your Digital Phone System

It is important to understand that when purchasing handsets for your digital phone system, some manufacturers push customers to buy additional licenses. To avoid these unexpected costs, do some research about the desired product prior to purchasing. Some providers allow companies to purchase handsets from other vendors in the market.

Before purchasing any handset, it is important to be certain that you evaluate its user-friendly characteristics, such as weight, screen-size and the power supply. The power connections will either be compatible with an AC adapter or an Ethernet connection.

With the wide array of different handsets available on the market, many organizations now use USB-based devices. When there’s a laptop to connect with and no telephone, users can make phone calls by dialing through a pop-up screen, which is quite similar to what Skype offers to its customers.

What if There’s An Emergency Situation?

If someone calls ‘911’ from your digital phone system, which is using either SIP or Roaming, the emergency services will not be able to determine the actual location of the caller. It is important to learn about the terms and conditions for 911 services that are available within your area. Ask your provider about these important safety requirements before an unfortunate event requires anyone to call for emergency responders.

Selecting The Right Provider

It might sound quite complicated to select the right provider when it comes to purchasing a digital phone system. However, the time you invest up front can lead to a reliable communication system for the company.

The experts recommend choosing a top-notch digital phone system, especially when it comes to brands. Purchasing from the market-leaders is an ideal choice. Also, remember to select a provider that offers excellent customer care and support, ensuring any technical issues will be handled efficiently and on site.

Some of the most highly rated Digital Phone System providers are:

  1. Asterisk
  2. Samsung
  3. Shoretel
  4. TalkSwitch
  5. Avaya
  6. Aastra
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