Different Phone System Features

Every business phone system carries different features specifically designed to benefit its users and provide some notable assistance to achieve the organization’s objectives. Since every organization does not share the same purpose in the corporate world, it is important that a company’s system be accurately matched to its primarily objectives and size. Choosing the best product for any business can be a baffling task, especially for first-time buyers.

Carefully matching a company’s needs and budget to the capacity and features of the business phone system will position the company for sustainability and growth in the market. Let’s review some impeccable and effectively incorporated features of business phones in the market; to make the right decision for the future endeavors.

Conference Phones

Polycom Conference Phone

One of the most efficient and cost effective ways for companies to discuss critical information and exchange ideas is through conference calling. Its popularity has soared, greatly reducing unnecessary travel costs for organizations.

The delivery of the ‘Avaya B100’ business phone system has dazzled most of the users in the market through its incomparable, multi-featured interface. This system provides surround sound quality and a pair of high quality microphones covering almost 750 square feet.

This product provides unbeatable services for conference calls and communication. Additional features include: Bluetooth support, noise reduction and slots for SD CARDS to maintain a database of recorded calls.

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Phone Apps (Built In)

Technology has made some remarkable advances in most of the business phone systems. Built-in phone apps have become a center of attention for all kinds of organizations in the world; accessing voicemails, making conference calls and even extension dialing to access other services through preinstalled programs.

The Built In Apps Allow:

  • Monitoring and Recording of Conference Calls
  • Access To Address Books
  • Real-time Communication (Using Status Application on Digium Switchvox Phones)
  • Employee Profiling and Growth (Administration)

Auto-Attendant Mode

The auto attendant call is no less than a magic trick; allowing employees to connect to the calls automatically once the caller has dialed their extension. It has enough potential to redirect incoming calls to the appropriate workstation instantly. In addition, firms with large-scale integration benefit from the ‘Virtual Receptionist’ feature, which is capable of handling and redirecting hundreds of calls on client specified numbers. Use of auto attendant continues to rise in the market, as it delivers a professional image for the company and its customers. This feature is especially effective for managing communication flow, and can be purchased at a minimal cost.

VoIP Phone

Coaching Tools

‘Coaching Tools’ are features that allow companies to create an organized database of recorded calls and past interaction within the organization. This feature consistently produces solid results, particularly in the area of employee training.

There are various business phone systems that are able to record conversations while providing a whisper of advice to the employee, without the customer being aware of the ‘coaching’ presence on the call.

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Unified Systems

The selection of a unified system has skyrocketed over the past few years. These systems consist of desk phones, mobile phones, emails, website conference, instant-messaging and various other means of information exchange, that are all installed in a single system, sharing the same data across multiple devices for enhanced accessibility.

Unified systems provide a secured platform to distribute information and interact with employees whenever required. It allows the organization to make faster decisions and business transactions. Furthermore, each device on the system is interconnected creating a communication hub for the organization.

Cloud Phone Systems

The name says it all. With a cloud phone system, a complete database of information and software is stored in a ‘cloud’ – (online server outside an organization). A third party, such as ‘Grasshopper’ or various other cloud data services on the market, usually manages this ethereal database.

Cloud Phone Systems

The main features of Cloud Phone Systems are:

  • Ultimate Remote Capability (Using Smartphones to Connect)
  • Call Forwarding and Voice Mail Options
  • Toll-Free Numbers
  • Golden Numbers (For Smaller Companies to Maintain a Presentable Image)
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