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The overall cost for any business phone system is dependent on the size of the organization and its operational nature. It includes looking thoroughly at all the features that are being provided within the phone system, and do they have potential to deliver some value added solutions to our entity? Let’s do some analysis; by comparing the most widely used business phone systems in all over the U.S.


FortiVoice PBX

FortiVoice is an excellent provider of PBX systems on the market today. It ensures that customers get the desired business phone systems complete with the features and options to achieve the organizational goals.

With a nominal cost averaging $700, the ForiVoice ‘PBX System’ can accommodate multiple users over a single line, saving the cost of installing multiple phone lines for individual workstations.


  1. Ring Groups
  2. Name Directories for Dialing
  3. Auto-Attendant Mode
  4. Voice-Mail and Call Logs

FortiVoice also provides a VOIP-based system to reduce expensive long-distance calls, balancing the company’s budget with some effective options.


Verizon Phone

‘Verizon’ is recognized as one of the most reliable vendors in the market, with business phones averaging up to $900 for their systems. Verizon systems can accommodate up to 12 linked phones, creating an affordable and effective communication hub.

Verizon also offers a scaled two-line system with a price tag of just $400. Both products are fully customizable with added features such as, ‘Call Waiting’, ‘Caller ID’, ‘Voice Mail’ and ‘Call Forwarding’.

After installation, the customer is likely to pay an average of $25/month for the basic package, which includes unlimited domestic calls, or $55/month for unlimited international calling.

USA Phone

‘USA-Phone’ provides high quality choices in business phone systems including: Aastra, Cisco, Polycom and Panasonic.

System prices start at $160, for business phones with crystal-clear LCD displays, advanced call-management, organized personal directory and call-waiting options.

Other systems capable of handling up to four users at a time are available for around $700.

More expansive systems are integrated with 12-line Polycom IP Gigabit inter-face, featuring a massive touch-screen and an API support for running business applications and interacting with clients via video-conference calling. Naturally, these systems carry a somewhat higher price tag starting from $1500. It is always recommended that your business phones incorporate an ’ROI-Audit’ to understand how cost effectiveness of varying systems.

Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX

The Virtual PBX delivers impeccable solutions, offering desirable features, including unlimited calls to your favorite destinations. Virtual PBX single-line packages cost around $34 per month, and include incentives – a free VOIP phone – when making full annual payments to the company.

Additional “freebies” for annual payments include up to 1,000 conference calling minutes and 1,000 fax pages during the initial month. For corporations, purchasing 20-100 lines at a single time, the price is reduced to $23 per month and includes up to 50 new VOIP-Based phones at no additional charge.

The Virtual-PBX systems include various features including: unlimited mail storage, auto-attendant, call-on-hold and automated caller appreciation gestures by phone. Virtual-PBX contracts carry a money-back guarantee, in case buyers are not satisfied with the service.

Telephone Systems Direct

Samsung VoIP

Telephone Systems Direct’ is another renowned name in the world of business phone providers, delivering Samsung and NEC brand devices with a full array of services and features. The price for the premium package starts from $967 for a fully configured system, four new NEC phones, plus auto-attendant and voice-mail options.

The Telephone Systems Direct systems support multiple lines, featuring an 8-port product by Samsung. This machine includes a ‘28-Button Phones Option’, which allows users different extensions for call-management, and cost around $2,350. These systems include varying accessories with purchase such as wireless-extensions and remote key-sets.

Telephone Systems Direct also offers refurbished phones at significant savings, generally 30% less than the cost for new devices.

UniTel Voice

‘UniTel Voice’ provides an affordable option for virtual office phones, allowing customers to pay a minimal amount of $20 per line per month. These packages include 600 free minutes each month, or UniTel Voice’s prime package ($75 per month) includes 2,500 minutes per user.

The virtual office connects all the business calls through a simple number, which anyone can remember to get the work going. It helps routing calls to their proper extensions, enabling users to benefit from virtual receptionists, call transferring and the DND mode.

Phone System World

VoIP phone System

‘Phone System World’ offers the latest systems and their essential upgrades from multiple suppliers. The impressive list of business phone systems includes:

  1. Avava
  2. Cisco
  3. Nortel
  4. Vertical
  5. Toshiba
  6. Panasonic

Phone System World offers a 4-line machine for just $900; equipped with all the desirable features including voice-mail, call recording and auto-attendant, etc.

With multiple providers to choose from, Phone System World has recently gained significant market share. Phone System World has various branches across the U.S. providing convenient and timely product support. You can also save up to 70% by purchasing refurbished equipment from Phone System World.

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