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The VOIP business phone system may be the top selling solution for organizations around the world, but choosing the best VOIP provider remains a concern for companies and business owners. Some providers fulfill the needs for companies serving the residential market and also for small business setups.

Likewise, different providers are available to customize VOIP packages for large-scale corporations and multi-national firms. Choosing the best VOIP provider then depends on you and your business needs and objectives.

The most popular VOIP providers are listed below with a brief overview of their services and common market segments:

Skype Logo

Skype does not expressly provide business solutions but uses a different interface, which connects people who wish to communicate online. Despite Skype’s video-calling platform, there are some professionals who use Skype for their business communication.

Skype’s instant messaging and video-calling software provide affordable access for purchasing a business line, especially when it comes to sole proprietorship. Skype offers its ‘Unlimited World’ subscription, available for just $2.99 per month, for US customers, with no additional charges to make calls to Canada and other countries in the region.

Skype also provides a free voicemail service, and charges a mere $5 per month for a registered telephone number. Business ventures operating as a sole proprietorship are therefore able to access a full line of VOIP services for less than $10 a month.

Vonage Logo

The marketplace is littered with business VoIP service providers – however, only one stands out as a true innovator. As the US and Canada’s fastest-growing business VoIP provider, more companies than ever before are making Vonage Business Solutions their partner in cloud-hosted phone service. But what makes the choice so easy?

Features: Over 40 features included as standard to boost business and productivity.

Cost: Prices start as low as $19.99 per month per line. Customers typically save at least 30% over traditional phone lines.

Mobility: Work from home or support a sales team on the move - Vonage ensures no call goes missed.

Service: An in-house customer service team that’s ready to support businesses of any size.

Growth: Add new lines and features from a user portal with just the click of a button.

Simplicity: Make downtime a thing of the past with an easy, quick switch.

Put that together with Vonage Business Solutions’ no annual contracts policy, and it’s easy to see why customers are making the switch. Vonage means business.

Ring Central Logo

The usage of ‘Ring Central’ continues to grow among larger businesses and multi-national firms. Ring Central is specifically designed to meet the needs of large-scale corporations, providing impeccable assistance in managing their communication networks.

Ring Central is not limited to just a call management service. Additionally it provides a bundle of telecom solutions through a user-friendly interface and result-oriented options. Ring Central’s base level plan – just $24.99 per individual – includes a long list of additional features:

  • Unlimited Calls to the US and Canada.
  • Unlimited Conference Calls and Faxing Service.
  • 24/7 Customer Care and Product Support (US-BASED).
  • Microsoft Office, Google and Drop Box Built-in Integration.
  • Rental IP Phones For Business Requirements.
  • Bundling of Mobile Apps (Android, iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry Devices).
  • Call Logs and Recording (on Premium Plans).

This VOIP phone service carries a higher price tag per user but sophisticatedly caters to the needs of larger corporations.

Ring Central Logo

Understandably, different business setups mean different requirements in the marketplace, depending on the nature of the company. To manage thousands of calls effectively, it becomes mandatory for some organizations to incorporate the most innovatively designed phone systems. The ‘Corvisa Cloud’ is an ideal way for large-scale entities to keep communication efficient and organized; especially when the ultimate goal is to answer each and every call by directing it to the desired extension. Call centers handling inbound and outbound calls value Corvisa Cloud’s impeccable services, providing them valuable tools to monitor calls with smart overviewing options.

Complete with a navigation dashboard – a device which monitors call status – you can create advanced IVRS protocols for call routing. The option of tailoring and adjusting call queues is especially beneficial during peak calling periods. Additionally, changes to the system parameters can be easily made without the need for technical assistance. Potential customers should first evaluate Corvisa Cloud’s services, as the provider does not fulfill the requirements of all business setups, small business in particular.

Other Useful Providers:

The providers listed have adequate potential to tailor services and support for companies and organizations around the world. For each service, a broader perspective has been given to the customers, starting from owner operators of small businesses to multi-national organizations employing hundreds or thousands of people.

While not reviewed, the following companies also provide effective business communication solutions:

  • Five9
  • Jive
  • Nextiva
  • Shoretel
  • Slingshot
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